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Beijing, China

Beijing, a city of contrasts, has been the capital of China for most of the past 600 years. While maintaining its deep roots as the cultural and political center of China it has launched itself into the focus of international...
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Abu Dhabi, UAE

At the heart of the UAE's oil wealth sits Abu Dhabi. This biggest and by the far richest emirate is the seat of government and capital of the UAE. Abu Dhabi is both the name of a city and of...
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Shanghai, China

In Shanghai, western and Chinese traditions collide and create a unique experience. Visitors will soon have a series of fantastic memories, at the sight of the bustling Huangpu River and the imposing Suzhou Creek. Besides being China's center of economy,...
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Oxford, United Kingdom

Oxford, The City of Dreaming Spires, is famous around the world for its place in history, university and imposing display of elite education. The University of Oxford, which is composed of thirty-nine colleges, has served nobles, future leaders and scholars...
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London, United Kingdom

Stretching endlessly down the lively banks of the Thames River, London has been a center of business for people around the world for centuries. London is, seamlessly, absorbing all these multicultural influences, while remaining quintessentially British. This interplay of cultures...
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Dubai, UAE

Located on the beautiful Arabian Gulf, Dubai is a city of superlatives. Here one can find the largest man-made islands, the world's tallest building (Burj Khalifa), the most extravagant horse race, the biggest shopping festival, the most luxuries metro line...
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Sao Paulo, Brazil

In 1554, Jesuit priests climbed the Serra do Mar (Sea Mountain) searching for a safe place to settle and to build a monastery. Almost 500 years later, that small monastery became a big metropolis with more than 10 million people....
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Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro’s, commonly referred to simply as Rio, exciting history full of pirates, invasions and military coups dates back to the 16th century, where, in 1502, a Portuguese captain discovered the city by accident. However, the newly found land...
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Future Locations

Continuing our growth while striving to provide the best educational business and law programmes in the industry is the secret of CBL International's success. CBL International organizes tailor-made individual university courses, executive conferences and summer schools for international students and...
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