Cambridge, United Kingdom

Cambridge, United Kingdom

Our programme in Cambridge:

City of Cambridge

Cambridge is a beautiful historic city located on the river Cam. Highlights of the city’s architecture include medieval streets, bridges, and a historic marketplace, not to mention the numerous Cambridge University colleges from different historical periods.

The city is home to many theatres, cinemas, art galleries and museums, most notable of which include the Museum of Zoology with material collected by Charles Darwin, the University Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology with materials from cultures all over the world, and the Scott Polar Research Institute with exhibitions on Arctic explorations.

Nature lovers can visit the University Botanic Gardens, as well as numerous stunning gardens which belong to University Colleges, the most spectacular ones include Christ’s College and Clare College gardens. In the afternoons visitors can enjoy one of the city’s favourite afternoon activities – punting on the river Cam, and explore the city’s beautiful colleges and gardens from the river perspective, known by students as “The Backs”.

University of Cambridge and the Colleges

Cambridge College
The University of Cambridge is integral to the history and character of the city. With its origins dating to 1209, the University belongs to the world’s oldest. The University consistently ranks as one of the best in the world.

Most notable alumni and members of the University include:

  • Charles Darwin , father of evolutionary theory and author of “Origin of the Species”
  • Christopher Marlowe, famous English dramatist and poet
  • Francis Crick and James Watson, discoverers of the DNA
  • CS Lewis, author of the Chronicles of Narnia
  • Stephen Hawking, renowned physicist
  • Charles, Prince of Wales

As of 2012, the University has produced 88 Nobel Prize Laureates as well as 15 British Prime Ministers and numerous other heads of state, including Prime Ministers of India, Singapore and Australia.

The University is divided into 31 colleges where affiliated students and academics live, eat and work.

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