Shanghai, China

Shanghai, China

In Shanghai, western and Chinese traditions collide and create a unique experience. Visitors will soon have a series of fantastic memories, at the sight of the bustling Huangpu River and the imposing Suzhou Creek. Besides being China’s center of economy, finance, trade and navigation, this world-famous city has now become an international cultural center on the western bank of the Pacific Ocean, highlighted for its having a gripping, unique composition of Chinese and Western cultures.

Shanghai, China

This fusion can be witnessed in its wide array of authentic yet modern cuisine, dynamic art scene and the mix of modern city dwellers and traditional Chinese. In short, Shanghai has turned itself into an open, fashionable and charismatic metropolis.

CBL International is Shanghai-based. Our operating office is situated in Yangpu district, the “academic” district that hosts famous universities such as Tongji University and Fudan University.

Nanjing Road, Shanghai, ChinaIn 2010, Shanghai hosted the World Exposition. More than 80 million visitors attended this event of global reputation. Being Shanghai based and utilizing or extensive network of partners, CBL International has specifically designed one-of-a-kind EXPO 2010 business and law conferences and summer schools in cooperation with various national pavilions offering exclusive keynote speeches, visits and events.

In cooperation with the School of Economics and Management, at Tongji University, CBL International has organized many summer business programmes in China. Our programmes cover key business and law topics and we are supported by major multinational corporations. Since the conferences and summer schools are held in both Shanghai and Beijing, delegates will benefit from exposure to these two different, yet very important, Chinese cities.

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